Sunday July 10, 2016

10:00-13:00 — Tutorial Session

Su-AM-T-1: Energy Harvesting and Remotely Powered Wireless Networks
Su-AM-T-2: Theoretical Elements of Data Science
Su-AM-T-3: Sparse Regression Codes

15:00-18:00 — Tutorial Session

Su-PM-T-1: Quantum Information Theory
Su-PM-T-2: Theory and Practice of Codes with Locality

19:00-21:00 — Welcome Reception

Sala Marqués de Comillas, Museu Marítim (Drassanes Reials)

Monday July 11, 2016

9:00-10:00 — Plenary

Elza Erkip: From 3T to 5G – Theory and Practice of Cooperation in Wireless Networks

10:20-11:40 — Session Mo-AM-1

Mo-AM-1-1: Lossless Source Coding
Mo-AM-1-2: Change-Point Detection
Mo-AM-1-3: Polar Codes 1
Mo-AM-1-4: Distributed Storage 1
Mo-AM-1-5: Matrix Completion
Mo-AM-1-6: Sequences 1
Mo-AM-1-7: Index Coding 1
Mo-AM-1-8: Multi-Terminal Source Coding 1
Mo-AM-1-9: Broadcast Channels

12:00-13:20 — Session Mo-AM-2

Mo-AM-2-1: Approximate Message Passing
Mo-AM-2-2: Constrained Coding 1
Mo-AM-2-3: Polar Codes 2
Mo-AM-2-4: Distributed Storage 2
Mo-AM-2-5: Information Theory in Biology 1
Mo-AM-2-6: Wireless Communications 1
Mo-AM-2-7: Feedback 1
Mo-AM-2-8: Multiple Antennas 1
Mo-AM-2-9: Multiple Access Channels 1

13:40-15:10 — WITHITS Event

WITHITS — The Samoan Circle Event

15:10-16:50 — Session Mo-PM-1

Mo-PM-1-1: Point Process Channels
Mo-PM-1-2: Constrained Coding 2
Mo-PM-1-3: Coded Caching
Mo-PM-1-4: Distributed Storage 3
Mo-PM-1-5: Energy Harvesting 1
Mo-PM-1-6: Sequences 2
Mo-PM-1-7: Secrecy
Mo-PM-1-8: Lossy Compression 1
Mo-PM-1-9: JKW Award Finalists / Interference

17:10-18:50 — Session Mo-PM-2

Mo-PM-2-1: Information Measures 1
Mo-PM-2-2: Communications
Mo-PM-2-3: Coding for Insertion and Deletion Channels
Mo-PM-2-4: Distributed Storage 4
Mo-PM-2-5: Compressed Sensing 1
Mo-PM-2-6: Entropy
Mo-PM-2-7: Interference in Wireless Networks 1
Mo-PM-2-8: Lossy Compression 2
Mo-PM-2-9: JKW Award Finalists 2

19:00-20:00 — Round Table Mentoring

All the Mentoring You Need in 60 Minutes

Tuesday July 12, 2016

9:00-10:00 — Plenary

Dan Spielman: The Laplacian Matrices of Graphs

10:20-11:40 — Session Tu-AM-1

Tu-AM-1-1: Belief Propagation
Tu-AM-1-2: Cryptography and Security 1
Tu-AM-1-3: Polar Codes 3
Tu-AM-1-4: Distributed Storage 5
Tu-AM-1-5: Clustering
Tu-AM-1-6: Wireless Communications 2
Tu-AM-1-7: Channel Uncertainty and CSI
Tu-AM-1-8: Channel Capacity 1
Tu-AM-1-9: Reed-Solomon Codes

12:00-13:20 — Session Tu-AM-2

Tu-AM-2-1: Constrained Coding 3
Tu-AM-2-2: Statistical Inference 1
Tu-AM-2-3: Polar Codes 4
Tu-AM-2-4: Distributed Storage 6
Tu-AM-2-5: Information Theory in Biology 2
Tu-AM-2-6: Inequalities 1
Tu-AM-2-7: Multiple Antennas 2
Tu-AM-2-8: Multi-Terminal Source Coding 2
Tu-AM-2-9: BCH Codes / Quasi-Cyclic Codes

13:30-15:00 — Awards Luncheon

Roger de Llúria Central Courtyard, Ciutadella Campus

15:10-16:50 — Session Tu-PM-1

Tu-PM-1-1: Information Measures 2
Tu-PM-1-2: Learning 1
Tu-PM-1-3: Superposition Codes / Group Testing 1
Tu-PM-1-4: Distributed Storage 7
Tu-PM-1-5: Data Compression
Tu-PM-1-6: Heterogeneous Networks
Tu-PM-1-7: Feedback 2
Tu-PM-1-8: DoF in Wireless Networks
Tu-PM-1-9: Combinatorial Coding Theory

17:10-18:50 — Session Tu-PM-2

Tu-PM-2-1: Network Structures
Tu-PM-2-2: Cryptography and Security 2
Tu-PM-2-3: Group Testing 2
Tu-PM-2-4: Distributed Storage 8
Tu-PM-2-5: Compressed Sensing 2
Tu-PM-2-6: Scheduling
Tu-PM-2-7: Interference in Wireless Networks 2
Tu-PM-2-8: Multiple Access Channels 2
Tu-PM-2-9: Lattice Codes

Wednesday July 13, 2016

9:00-10:00 — Shannon Lecture

Alexander S. Holevo: The Classical Capacity of a Quantum Channel

10:20-11:40 — Session We-AM-1

We-AM-1-1: Error Exponents 1
We-AM-1-2: Statistical Inference 2
We-AM-1-3: LDPC Codes 1
We-AM-1-4: Distributed Storage 9 / Deletion Channel
We-AM-1-5: Wireless Communications 3
We-AM-1-6: Game Theory
We-AM-1-7: Information Measures 3
We-AM-1-8: Relay Channels
We-AM-1-9: Quantum Capacity and Quantum Channels

10:20-13:40 — Recent Results

We-AM-P-1: Recent Results Poster Session

12:00-13:40 — Session We-AM-2

We-AM-2-1: Error Exponents 2
We-AM-2-2: Statistical Inference 3
We-AM-2-3: LDPC Codes 2 / RM Codes
We-AM-2-4: Network Coding 1
We-AM-2-5: Information Theory in Biology 3
We-AM-2-6: Caching and Computation
We-AM-2-7: Source-Channel Coding over BC
We-AM-2-8: Relay and Two Way Channels
We-AM-2-9: Channel Capacity 2

Thursday July 14, 2016

9:00-10:00 — Plenary

Giorgio Parisi: The SAT-UNSAT Transition for Random Satisfiability Problems in the Case of Continuous Variables

10:20-11:40 — Session Th-AM-1

Th-AM-1-1: Community Detection
Th-AM-1-2: Code Construction and Analysis
Th-AM-1-3: LDPC Codes 3
Th-AM-1-4: Network Coding 2
Th-AM-1-5: Energy Harvesting 2
Th-AM-1-6: Estimation
Th-AM-1-7: Source-Channel Coding over MAC
Th-AM-1-8: Caching in Wireless Networks
Th-AM-1-9: Classical-Quantum Channels

12:00-13:40 — Session Th-AM-2

Th-AM-2-1: Lossy Compression and Rate-Distortion
Th-AM-2-2: Learning 2
Th-AM-2-3: LDPC Codes 4
Th-AM-2-4: Network Coding 3
Th-AM-2-5: Applications of Random Matrix Theory
Th-AM-2-6: Wireless Communications 4
Th-AM-2-7: Interference Channels
Th-AM-2-8: Covert Communications
Th-AM-2-9: Quantum Information Theory

14:00-15:00 — Meet the Shannon Awardee

Roger de Llúria Auditorium, Ciutadella Campus

15:10-16:50 — Session Th-PM-1

Th-PM-1-1: Quantum Codes 1
Th-PM-1-2: Inequalities 2
Th-PM-1-3: Data Exchange Problems
Th-PM-1-4: Network Coding 4
Th-PM-1-5: Compressed Sensing 3
Th-PM-1-6: Information Theory in Control
Th-PM-1-7: Finite Blocklength Topics
Th-PM-1-8: Physical Layer Security
Th-PM-1-9: Wireless Sensor Networks

20:00-23:00 — Conference Banquet

Sala Oval, Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya

Friday July 15, 2016

9:00-10:00 — Plenary

Alexander Barg: Codes, Metrics, and Applications

10:20-11:40 — Session Fr-AM-1

Fr-AM-1-1: Quantum Codes 2
Fr-AM-1-2: Secret Keys and Secret Sharing
Fr-AM-1-3: LDPC Codes 5
Fr-AM-1-4: Gabidulin Codes
Fr-AM-1-5: Age of Information
Fr-AM-1-6: Wireless Communications 5
Fr-AM-1-7: Special Topics in Shannon Theory 1
Fr-AM-1-8: Interference in Wireless Networks 3
Fr-AM-1-9: DNA-based Storage

12:00-13:40 — Session Fr-AM-2

Fr-AM-2-1: Random Coding Bounds
Fr-AM-2-2: Distributions and Hypothesis Testing
Fr-AM-2-3: LDPC Codes 6
Fr-AM-2-4: Network Coding 5
Fr-AM-2-5: Energy Harvesting 3
Fr-AM-2-6: Wireless Communications 6
Fr-AM-2-7: Special Topics in Shannon Theory 2
Fr-AM-2-8: Wiretap Channels 1
Fr-AM-2-9: Permutations in Coding Theory / Index Coding 2

15:10-16:30 — Session Fr-PM-1

Fr-PM-1-1: Quantum Information and Communication
Fr-PM-1-2: Group Testing 3
Fr-PM-1-3: LDPC Codes 7
Fr-PM-1-4: Delays in Networks
Fr-PM-1-5: Complexity and Cryptography 1
Fr-PM-1-6: Wireless Communications 7
Fr-PM-1-7: Lossy Compression 3
Fr-PM-1-8: Wiretap Channels 2
Fr-PM-1-9: MIMO and Space-Time Coding

16:50-18:10 — Session Fr-PM-2

Fr-PM-2-3: LDPC Codes 8
Fr-PM-2-4: Graphical Methods / Weight Distribution
Fr-PM-2-5: Complexity and Cryptography 2
Fr-PM-2-7: Source and Channel Coding
Fr-PM-2-8: Wiretap Channels 3

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